In today’s special edition of the Locked On Nuggets podcast, I am joined by Andy Glockner, founder of The Cauldron and author of Chasing Perfection. We discuss some of the fascinating topics covered in his book, including Duke University’s basketball analytics department, the state of analytics in sports, and what to expect in the years to come. We then turn our focus on the Denver Nuggets and Andy shares his thoughts on Emmanuel Mudiay, and how he would build around Nikola Jokic.

If you are interested at all in analytics and how advanced stats are becoming ingrained in the business and strategic side of pro sports, I highly recommend his book, Chasing Perfection. It is informative, but more importantly, it’s interesting. There are so many fascinating stories about how teams, players, and scouts use advanced stats to improve their performance. “Analytics” has become a sort of buzz word but this book does a great job of explaining the scope of the field of analytics as it pertains to pro sports.