ESPN just published a new article which includes quotes from an interview with former Denver Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson about looking forward to playing with the Houston Rockets. There’s an interesting quote from Ty that should rankle Nuggets fans right at the start of the article:

Newly acquired starting point guard Ty Lawson said the trade from the Denver Nuggets to the Houston Rockets will be a fresh start and that he’s the missing piece the team needs in its quest to reach the NBA Finals.

“Oh yeah, for sure,” Lawson told Fox 26 Houston. “I was like, before I even came to the team, I was talking to James Harden. I was like, ‘Man get me over there.’ I’ll be that piece to get over the hump. It’s definitely a breath of fresh air.”

Oh really?

Nevermind the lethargic performances down the stretch. The skipping first practice back from the All-Star break (which was 9 days) because he was still in Las Vegas. Forget the multiple arrests for suspicion for DUI, both of which are still pending in court. Also a video he posted where he’s smoking a hooka talking about thinking he was going to get shipped to the Sacramento Kings, during the draft. He wanted to get out of Denver. So what do we do here?

Clearly there was a need for a divorce. It was inevitable. Ty was never going to be the leader the Nuggets tried to make him, and the Nuggets weren't going to be the location for Ty anymore. Two down years will create discontent, but still, to hear the quote like the one above doesn't give the best impression of Ty.

Wish him the best in Houston though, and I hope he figures out what he needs to. We are left with some good memories though.