Jason Lloyd from the Akron Beacon Journal got some interesting quotes from Cleveland Cavaliers center Andrew Bynum after his team’s 98-88 win over the Denver Nuggets. Lloyd also had some interesting observations about the game and what he overheard C.J. Miles yelling to Bynum on the floor, hat tip to Dan Devine from Yahoo!’s Ball Don’t Lie.

Here is a snippet from Lloyd's game observations:

6. A few games ago, Bynum was running out setting a number of high screens, which seemed in direct contrast of his real strengths. Now he’s focusing more on setting up in the post and going to work. He made just 2 of 8 shots in the first half, but clearly was inspired by the Nuggets’ coach and their bench.

7. “Too soft early in the game,” Bynum said. “Had to take me to get mad to play right.”

8. Bynum was clearly annoyed by J.J. Hickson, who was defending him most of the night. Hickson was giving up about three inches and 40 pounds to Bynum, who swatted Hickson for a flagrant foul in the third quarter. “The guy guarding me was an infant,” Bynum said.

9. He actually stole that line from C.J. Miles, who was hollering at the Nuggets all night, “They’re babies! They can’t stop you!”

10. Shaw was an assistant with the Lakers for much of Bynum’s time in Los Angeles. Shaw was complimentary of Bynum before the game, but clearly said something that irritated him Wednesday night.

11. “I think just BShaw and their bench pissed me off a little bit,” Bynum said. He was blocked in the third quarter by Timofey Mozgov, which apparently got the Nuggets’ bench barking. When Bynum made a short turnaround jumper a minute later, he glared at the Nuggets’ bench and nodded.

Some interesting stuff from Bynum there. Clearly, he’s trying to reestablish himself with the Cavaliers and has put together a good against the Bulls (8-14 shooting, 20 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 blocks) and an average game against the Nuggets (6-15 shooting (40%), 14 points, 7 rebounds, and 1 block).

Bynum’s use of the word infant, in regards to Hickson, is about the size of the Nuggets’ defender. The Nuggets are clearly down a man in JaVale McGee and Brian Shaw has talked about Hickson playing out of position and even sounds a bit eager to get McGee back. Hickson goes 6’9″ and 240 pounds to Bynum’s 7’0″ and at least 285 pounds.

As Lloyd notes above, Hickson and Timofey Mozgov combined to defend Bynum well in the first half as he shot just 2-8, 25%, for 4 points and 2-2 on free throws (6 points) to go along with 3 rebounds (2 offensive) and 1 block. It is interesting to note that Bynum said his motivations were Shaw and the Nuggets' bench … have to wonder what was said. Lloyd tells us that Miles was calling the Nuggets' big "babies" as the bigger Bynum could bully his way inside, but what was said to Bynum from the Nuggets coach and bench? I still want the NBA do have games mic'd up!

In the second half Bynum "erupted" to go 4-7 from the field (57.1%) for 8 points. He also added 4 rebounds (2 offensive), 2 turnovers and 1 flagrant foul (on Hickson's dunk attempt). Bynum's +/- numbers for both halves were in the negative and he finished the game -3 overall. So, he wasn't much of a help to his team during his time on the floor.

The Cavaliers come to Denver on January 17th, 2014 and these comments should be remembered by Hickson, Mozgov, and the rest of the Denver bigs.

Should be a fun re-match.

Oh and C.J. Miles finished the game with 0 points on 0-4 shooting in 15 minutes and was an overall -3 in the +/- department on the night.