This is from Iguodala's presser with the media. The gist of the media question is in bold.

How will you look back on this season? Did the team fall short?

“Obviously, we wanted to go deeper into the playoffs,” said Nuggets forward Andre Iguodala. “Hopefully we learn from the situation and have similar success in the regular season and get back in the playoffs.”

Do you want to be a part of this team moving forward?

"When I got to [Los Angeles] and sit down and talk to my agent – we'll start having conversations," said Iguodala. "I didn't really think the season would be ending this early. It was never on my mind what I would do next year."

A highlight for you from the season that was?

"How quickly I adjusted to my teammates," said Iguodala. "I think it kind of showed in the fourth quarter last night. Even when we were down throughout the game, Ty and I, we continued to have conversations with the team. To lead the guys. I've never had such great comradery with teammates that quickly. We really came together. We gelled."

Will how these playoffs played out give you less hope of success in Denver?

“It doesn’t give me less hope,” said Iguodala. “Especially considering we had our leading scorer down [Danilo Gallinari] and our youth – they have nowhere to go but up.”

Specifically with how the playoffs unfolded, less hope for you?

"I don't think so," said Iguodala. "I know what type of potential this team has; so that won't weight heavily on my decision."

What factors will weight into your potential free agent decisions this off-season?

"The timeline of my career," said Iguodala. "I definitely want to win a championship. The front office knows what I bring to the team, so we'll see what happens. There are so many factors that I haven't even thought of yet. Which is why I'll just sit down and weight all my options, take my time with it, and not rush into anything."

Can the Nuggets win a title with you?

"I think we have the opportunity," said Iguodala. "We have some ingredients and I think the pieces that are missing – Masai [Ujiri] has found a way to bring that in. I think that started with bringing me here. He's really hungry, Coach [George] Karl is hungry, and we have a lot of hungry players as well."

What did you like about the city of Denver?

"I didn't get a chance to see the city much," said Iguodala. "I was always here. I was just in basketball mode the whole time. I've seen how respectful and such great fans we have here. Being a part of that is something some people may take for granted. It was a good thing."

How long will this playoff exit stick with you?

"I didn't go to sleep last night until 9 o'clock (a.m.) and I woke up at 11 [a.m.]," said Iguodala. "I'll be up for a couple days."

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