According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, Andre Iguodala has signed with the Golden State Warriors for 4 years $48 million. This is a deep blow to the Denver Nuggets.

What do the Nuggets do now? Who knows. After putting all their eggs in Iguodala's basket it seems like they are floating about a bit. Wondering what to do next.

Are there viable replacements on the market? Or will the team commit to rebuilding? There are many many questions yet to be answered in this saga. In the meantime say goodbye to Andre Iguodala in the way you see fit. Keep it clean as possible.

Nuggets, according to Sam Amick had refused to do a sign and trade for Iguodala with the Warriors.

But this much is clear: Iguodala remains a possibility only if those deals can be made, as his former Denver Nuggets team strongly rebuffed the idea of cooperating in a sign-and-trade with a Warriors team that upset them in the first round of the playoffs, and the Rockets are clearly worried about the threat the Warriors pose to land Howard.

Will this come back to haunt the Nuggets next season?

Exclusive update for Denver Stiffs:

According to a league source, Iguodala was offered 5 year full gaurantee for same money per year at Golden State, or the option for a 5 year partial guarantee that would have netted more money from the Nuggets.