When I took over as site manager of Denver Stiffs last summer, I never thought this was an article I’d have to write, but here we are. Last week, I was at the gym when I opened my phone to see an email from a higher-up employee at Vox Media. These are emails I’ve received before and mostly they amount to nothing more than information regarding our site.

This one was different though, long story short the email informed me that Denver Stiffs will no longer be supported or monetized by Vox Media and SB Nation as of February 28, 2023. I — like many of you reading this — was devastated and shocked why this would happen to not only one of the best communities SB Nation has to offer, but it’s not like we are covering a team struggling for relevance in the NBA. The Nuggets could win their first title in franchise history later this year with how well they are playing.

What this means for the future of Stiffs remains in limbo as there are a ton of aspects that still need to be decided upon. Without the support of Vox Media, once February 28th rolls around next month any of our writers under contract will no longer have a way to receive compensation for all the hard work they put into covering the team we love, the Denver Nuggets.

With that being said, the hope is we can maintain and keep the sites domain and URL to hopefully keep Stiffs running starting in March. I’ve been in constant contact with a number of esteemed colleagues over the weekend along with Denver Stiffs founder and creator Andrew Feinstein on how we can keep Stiffs alive for not just this year, but on into the future.

There are still a ton of moving parts, but none of us are going down without a fight and we want to keep this community that all of us love so much in tact. We appreciate everyone’s support during this tough time and we have started a #SaveStiffs campaign on Twitter to help keep this train moving down the tracks.

I wish there was more information to deliver, but this is all we know as of now. The fight lives on and we still plan on providing you with the best Nuggets content around till we get this all sorted out. Like I said, we aren't going down without a fight and will do whatever it takes to keep Denver Stiffs going!