The season of 2014-15 for the Denver Nuggets was subpar,

as the team did not win many games, and they lacked a true star.

Nobody knew who would follow Brian Shaw in succession.

and the direction of the team was certainly in question.

When the season ended, the team did not have much to cheer,

but there was a faint feeling that hope and positivity could be near.

For there was a 6’10 Serbian that would soon be joining the team,

and he had the skills and mindset of a point guard, or so it would seem.

When Nikola Jokic took the court in his rookie season,

many questioned if he was better than Jusuf Nurkic, and for good reason.

The passes that he made were just downright absurd,

leading those that watched them to wonder what had just occurred.

The only problem was that the Nuggets already had their starting big man,

a 6’11 beast from Bosnia that had become quite popular with fans.

When both players were healthy, Michael Malone had a lot to ponder:

which player would be the starter, would it be the one from Sombor?

In 2016, it simply could be denied no longer –

Jokic was the better player, although Nurkic was much stronger.

The Nuggets realized that their best shot at being a contender,

was to make Jokic a full-time starter, and this happened on the 15th of December.

Two years later and the Joker has continued to impress.

In fact, his team sits near the top of the standings out West.

Jokic already spreads so much hope and positive feelings,

but Nuggets fans know that we have yet to see his ceiling.

And so with all of that said, let’s take this week to honor #15.

After all, Nikola Jokic is the most valuable player of our beloved team.