Nikola Jokic has earned the nickname Joker for his goofy personality, and he started off this interview with Altitude 950 showing why.

Hastings: “You look tanner and buffer.”

Jokic: “That’s what I do – out in the sun and working out.”

What he really does is orchestrate one of the best offenses in the NBA for the Denver Nuggets, something almost unheard of for a big man. There will be more weight on his shoulders this year, but he’s spent years showing he’s up for the task. The Nuggets spend the first three years of his career trying to make sure he didn’t have too much on his plate, only to continually re-discover that the more they gave him the better the team did.

Still, coming up one game short of the playoffs for the second year in a row was tough. Jokic said the last loss of the season “left a bad taste” in his mouth, but that the Nuggets need to remember that loss. 

And as for the playoffs?

Like I said, Jokic will have a lot on his shoulders this year. But as he showed down the stretch last season, he’s more than capable of carrying that load. Listen to the whole interview here!