As promised I have strung together all of Melo’s points from his record tying 33 point quarter against the Timberwolves. This is not entirely reflected in the video as I stuck to short clips, but the Nuggets did a pretty good job of not just handing the ball to Melo. There were a handful of times where Melo received the ball after a reversal or a drive and kick. The other Nuggets players remained threats to score even when Melo was in the process of scoring 26 straight Denver points.

The other thing to take note of was how indifferent the Wolves were. No strong double teaming. No one took responsibility to try to slow Melo down. In fact when Melo scores the record tying bucket at the end of the quarter Kevin Ollie looks like he did not want to leave Anthony Carter to help on Melo’s drive. It is laughable how complicit they were in allowing Melo to go off.