We wanted to give our Broncos fans a place to talk about the game. We have a pretty tight knit bunch around here, so why shouldn't we be able to mix it up for a big time football game?!? Actually, we do this quite often!

Tell us about your Broncos fandom! My parents got season tickets in the South Stands in 1976 by winning a drawing from Capitol Federal Savings (some bank) for four seats that season, they put in for their own tickets the following season (in the South Stands) and my mom still has them today. My sister and my uncle share season tickets in the North Stands and my stepdad's brother and his wife have season tickets, as well.

I say it often on the Colorado Sports Guys podcast (there’s an excellent episode up now, where we gave away a Julius Thomas autographed football!), but growing up in Denver “with” John Elway … part of my fanship retired right along with him back in 1999. I never stopped watching games, but I rode to the top of the mountain and loved the view! My attention turned more to the Nuggets around that same time and that led to me finding this writing gig and becoming obsessed with hoops. I’d love for the Nuggets to one day reach that same mountain top … I know a lot of us would.

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to this game. I have a bit of those butterflies in my stomach as if I had a game this afternoon, so Go Broncos! Enjoy the game folks!

Let us know about your Broncos fandom below and if you don’t like the team – feel free to stick to the Suns preview for today and let us Orange and Blue freaks have our fun! But everyone is welcome to join in below and talk football and whatever else you like (except religion and politics … looking at you TIDDY! haha).