As the NBA continues to inch its way back toward reality post-Coronavirus, it would be easy for a sports platform such as Denver Stiffs to focus purely on basketball and ignore the racial tensions throughout the world today. Instead of acting like everything is okay though, we at Denver Stiffs wanted to share our perspective on racism, discrimination, and police brutality in today’s society.

On our social media pages today, we shared the following statement and wanted to reiterate that statement here. We will will always be a sports blog, but we are humans first, and humanity is failing right now. Let’s fix that together.

Black Lives Matter. It shouldn’t have to be said. It shouldn’t have to be a social media hashtag, but up until this point, we as a society have not listened to black citizens and made the systemic changes they have demanded in our police systems. We have failed, and there are countless examples of that failure for the entire world to see. GEORGE FLOYD, PHILANDO CASTILLE, ERIC GARNER, and many more have lost their lives due to our failures. It’s time to change that. 

Denver Stiffs stands in solidarity with the millions of black lives that have been affected by RACISM, DISCRIMINATION, and POLICE BRUTALITY, especially those voices that have not been heard before today. We are proud to cover a diverse league and will proudly raise our voices for the players, coaches, executives, personnel, and every person that continues to see and face racial oppression.

We see you. We hear you. Let’s make a radical change together.