Denver Stiffs has come a very long way since the divergent blogs Denver Stiffs (Fire George Karl) and Pickaxe and Roll combined into one 5 years ago. Gone are the days of Nate writing game previews/recaps and stories all by himself on Pickaxe and Andy was threatened to be sued by George Karl's lawyer. All the while I was commenting on both sites furiously, leading both Andy and Nate to think I didn't have a job (I think).

In these five years we have become the go to place for Denver Nuggets news. I don’t think that can even be argued anymore. We have gone from two separate Nuggets blogs to covering the Nuggets AT Pepsi Center and getting to interview coaches, players and General Managers. All in all I think that is pretty sweet.

First and foremost, I'd like to would like to thank … YOU. Without everyone who reads, comments and shares our articles we would be nowhere. Our community has grown by leaps and bounds the last five years and its thanks in no small part to the people who read us every day. We truly appreciate each and every one of you who has made Denver Stiffs the awesome place it is today. You are the reason.

I'd like to personally thank the amazing Public Relations staff at Pepsi Center. We don't interact intimately with other PR people around the NBA enough to know if this isn't true, but I'm just going to say that hands down Nuggets chief of Public Relations Tim Gelt and his staff are the best in the NBA. There is no one like them that I have met, and each one is amazing. Thanks Tim Gelt, Cody Wise and Nick O'Hayre for making this season comfortable and classy.

Additionally I'd like to thank Nuggets General Manager Tim Connelly for being gracious enough to comment when necessary and not comment when superfluous. Tim has gone above and beyond in interacting with both the Editorial staff of Denver Stiffs and fans alike (as witnessed by the Stiffs Night Out from March where Connelly attended). Overall, the Nuggets have been gracious at all times … in BOTH criticism and support. That's all you can ask for as someone who covers the team.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the fellow writers who attend Nuggets games. We are a unique bunch, and I've found that one of my favorite things in the world is sitting around one of the tables in the Press lounge and just talk basketball with the likes of Chris Dempsey from the Denver Post, Matt Moore from CBS and Hardwood Paroxysm, Jordan White from Hardwood Paroxysm and Roundball Mining Company, Adam Kinney Josh Dover and Dario Correa from Denver Sports Nation on Mile High Sports. It's amazing just to sit around and "nerd out" with people who you respect and admire. There's nothing like basketball talk.

All around there is a family atmosphere at the Pepsi Center and it starts at the very top with Josh Kroenke and comes down to all the staff. It is an amazing experience and has made covering this difficult Nuggets season very much worth while.

Finally I'd like to thank Andrew Feinstein, Nate Timmons and Colin Neilson for another great year. I feel like saying "WE DID IT" after such a chaotic season. Also, our new writers that we brought on this season were KILLING IT. Loren Knaster, Mike Olson, Quinn Glasnapp, Danny Neubert and Sensemaking … I think all the readers of this site can acknowledge that those for guys worked their asses off and contributed to making our site the best for Nuggets coverage. Period.

All in all, despite the disappointing result of this season on-court it's been amazing. It will continue to be so. Great things are ahead of us all and I look forward to what will prove to be an interesting off season. As ever, Denver Stiffs will be there to give you every detail.

Go Nuggets.