The Denver Nuggets have given us all a lot over the years. Joy, excitement, heartbreak…you name it. This season, they’ve given us some good basketball, sure to be followed by even more once Jusuf Nurkic returns from his injury. For anybody that wanted to pay the team back by giving each of the players, and the head coach and GM, a little gift for Christmas, here’s a list of ideas.

Emmanuel Mudiay: Sticky tack

Sticky tack will help Mudiay improve his grip on the ball and will prevent turnovers once he returns to the court. A firmer grasp from our starting point guard will no doubt help the Nuggets on offense.

Gary Harris: A helmet

Harris has already suffered one concussion this season, and we definitely don't want him suffering anymore. The helmet will ensure his head stays unharmed the rest of the season.

Kenneth Faried: A can of paint

The Manimal would appreciate a can of paint to remind him where he should be spending the majority of his time on the court: the paint. As long as he's collecting rebounds, getting putback dunks and causing mayhem in general, he will be the player the Nuggets need him to be.

Will Barton: A shoe

Barton obviously likes shoes, given the fact he went out of his way to sweep up Trevor Ariza's last week during a game, so it's safe to assume he can always use more. That way, he won't have to rely on an opposing player losing one of theirs.

Wilson Chandler: A nice suit

Chandler will have to have a nice attire this season if he's planning on spending any time on the Nuggets bench. Even though it's not the same as watching him on the court, even seeing him on the sidelines will please a lot of fans.

Danilo Gallinari: A whistle

One of Gallinari's biggest strengths, and definitely one of the skills that has helped the Nuggets out tremendously this season, is his ability to get to the free-throw line. So, give the Italian Rooster a whistle for Christmas so that he can hear the sound that represents his triumphs on offense whenever he wants. The sound may even soothe him to sleep…

Mike Miller: A book on teaching

If Miller can impose his shooting skills to struggling shooter and rookie Mudiay, then the Nuggets signing him will pay off tremendously. It's no doubt that Mudiay struggles to shoot the basketball, and since Miller is known as a three-point specialist and has made a living in this league with his jump shot, all he needs is a teaching book to figure out how to transfer those skills to the young point guard.

Darrell Arthur: A Darth Vader action figure

For Darth, a Darth Vader action figure is appropriate. It would perhaps instill some confidence in the player, and allow him to play with the 'force' that made Darth Vader such a dominant figure in Star Wars.

Jameer Nelson: A ladder

A ladder would help Nelson see over some of his defenders, and it may help his overall game as a result. It would also help him appear more intimidating to the players he's defending, which is always a plus as well.

Randy Foye: A towel to wave on the bench

This idea comes from our own Adam Mares. If Foye keeps putting together performances similar to the one he had against the New Orleans Pelicans, where he shot 5/7 from the three-point line, he may have to re-gift this item to another player. For now, though, his inconsistency makes this gift seem like a safe bet.

Jusuf Nurkic: A time machine

I'm sure Nurkic would love the opportunity to advance time so that he can get back on the court even sooner. He's approaching a return, but he would most likely jump at the chance to skip ahead a couple of weeks until he can play in a game.

Nikola Jokic: A trampoline

A trampoline for Jokic would improve his vertical, and the 6'11 center may actually touch the rim more often during the season.

Joffrey Lauvergne: A crown

He is King Joffrey after all. A crown would make it official.

Kostas Papanikolaou: A wider jersey

A wider jersey would ensure that his name fits on the back. 'Papanikolaou' is 12 letters long, so it's safe to assume whoever makes the Nuggets jerseys has to get creative when making his. A wider jersey would allow his name to have some more breathing room.

J.J. Hickson: A new contract…with another team

Obviously, Hickson has not made a ton of fans in Denver. And considering that the Nuggets have a plethora of big men, and all of them younger and more skilled than Hickson, perhaps the best thing to get J.J. for Christmas is a new contract for a different team. Hey, it's not like he wouldn't enjoy some more playing time for another team.

Michael Malone: A spa treatment

Coach Malone has looked stressed and exhausted following a few games this season. It's no wonder why. This is a young team still struggling through some growing pains. A day at the spa where he can relax and put his feet up will be a great present for this coach.

Tim Connelly: A lottery ticket

I’m sure Connelly would appreciate a lottery ticket so that he can test his luck prior to the 2016 NBA draft lottery. If he wins that, then maybe there’s a chance the Nuggets will have some luck on draft night for once.