Last night’s win over the Cleveland Cavaliers was the game of the year for the Denver Nuggets. With everything on the line, the Nuggets put together their most unselfish, exciting, and dominant offensive performance of the season. Unlike some of the other great games of the season, it wasn’t just one player that got hot or made great plays. It wasn’t due in part to the opposing teams resting players or getting in foul trouble. This was a team win all around. The ball was popping from start to finish and the poor Cavs had nothing they could do about it.

Head coach Michael Malone called Nikola Jokic’s post up over LeBron James a “defining moment.” He was talking about a defining moment for Joker but it was also a defining moment for the team and for this fanbase. In this episode, I talk about why and share some of the highlights from a great night with a great crowd watching a great win.