While I was perusing the interwebs looking for some stuff on Arron Afflalo, I stumbled across this video of him. We don't really know a ton about Afflalo: he's a hard worker, he doesn't dunk the ball much, he's from Compton, he played at UCLA, his career blossomed late. Sort of the basics.

It's always cool to see a behind-the-scenes view of the players we follow so closely. This was a pretty cool video where we get to see a bit more of the Denver Nuggets newest shooting guard from the summer he was traded to the Orlando Magic.

It's exciting to have AAA back in Denver and hopefully this season we'll get to learn a bit more about a player that many fans missed. Thank you interwebs and hopefully you enjoyed getting a closer look at the Nuggets starting shooting guard. Maybe Afflalo will release more behind-the-scenes videos this season with the Nugs.