As the sun rises today on this Christmas Eve,

the NBA world has one last bereave.

No basketball games will be played today

as players, coaches, and staff prepare for their leave.

Some travel for the holidays full of cheer.

Others go home at this time of year.

Yet one constant remains from the NBA scene:

the Golden State Warriors have not hit full gear.

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Yes, Curry was out. Now, he is great,

and KD, Klay, and Dray most other fans hate.

The reason is clear and almost guaranteed

that the NBA world sees the same June fate.

Yet basketball fans do not grumble and moan

as the best record the Warriors do not own.

The Kings in the North, with Klaws so sharp,

the Toronto Raptors, my have they grown.

And to the East more teams do rise like the sun.

Just don’t tell that to Phoenix and Enes Kanter’s son.

In Milwaukee, the Buck stops with the Greek Freak,

the MVP is his to be won.

But don’t forget the Process, say Sixers fans,

with Embiid and Simmons, now Butler changing the plans.

Boston is slow, but they’re coming back,

and all might go to June’s dance.

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Then there’s the West, it is truly insane.

Beyond Golden State there’s no break in the chain.

So it’s probably wise to name everyone

except the Suns who should stay in their lane.

There’s the Nuggets, the Thunder, the Blazers and more

just from the Northwest, star talent galore.

Last season was strictly Lillard time,

but winter is coming, Playoff P and the Joker implore.

The Lakers are here, as the networks remind,

LeBron James in LA has all of them in a bind.

But the kids are alright – Ingram, Lonzo, and Kuz

yet still veterans the King must find.

Don’t forget us! squeak the Clips and the Kings

who battle for Cali against all of those rings.

Or us! say the Rockets and Spurs,

already losing Texas as Halleluka sings.

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Yes the rookies are great, Luka Doncic and all.

Wait, sorry, there are others? They just seem so small.

Except Jackson and Ayton, surprising skilled.

Those two are exceedingly tall.

Not to be missed are the Jazz and the Beard

who are seemingly average yet were once feared.

Or the Brow whose Pelican wings seem to be clipped

and path to big markets seem to be cleared.

So what does it mean this Christmas Eve day

On which no NBA team will seemingly play?

Get ready for tomorrow, the Christmas Day slate

is filled with games going up on a Tuesday.

The best teams will play, except at the start

when the 9-25 Knicks rip basketball apart.

Then the Rockets face the OKC Thunder

hoping Russell Westbrook does not play very smart.

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Afterwards, Philly and Boston will fight

before LeBron James and the Warriors stars shine bright.

Both games should be fun, most entertaining,

until Utah and Portland cap off the night.

But what does it say that Denver and Toronto

will be sitting at home while opponents play on to

the national television. It’s quite bizarre,

and the league should fix that quirk pronto.

So, watch or don’t watch. There is no try.

Many stars will play. Some stars will fly.

As the Nuggets get an off day,

some Denver fans, not all, will cry.

But fret not Nuggets Nation. Help is on the way.

Nikola Jokic is here, the next five plus years he will stay.

The team is young and upcoming, Murray, Harris, and more

should play in 2019 on Christmas Day.

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