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Hi I'm from Sactown Royalty. My name is Pookeyguru. I need an intro that I normally just write into the header. I'm a Kings and A's fan. I live in Seattle. I think these intro's are dumb but oh well. Just my 2 peso's worth.

Hello, I'm a Kings fan who posts @ StR rather frequently. So today, much to my surprise, I saw the Kings beat writer Sam Amick touch on something interesting today. The Nuggets as a trade partner for Ron Artest? The cynical follower of the NBA in me makes me go huh? That being said ,sure, hell yeah, if it was possible. Here is Tz's take on it.

As far as I go? I'm all for it. My wonder is would Stan Kroenke do it? I've always had the impression the guy was cheap and conservative in some instances. You near the tax; and it's done with. No Mas! However, if Linas Kleiza Eddie Najera and a 1st round pick in the future for Artest would be feasible I say go for it. (Personally I'm not sure Denver would be willing to throw in a 1st to get Artest and lose one of the best pure shooters they have. Particularly after they spent so much to get Iverson.)

The other part that Amick throws out there is dealing for Nene. Personally I think the Kings need to focus on cleaning up their cap and not dealing for a talented albeit, but unfortunately oft hurting big. If Nene was dealt you could see that as a win-win for Denver. You shed a bigger contract and if it doesn't work with Artest there is the high probability he opts out anyway. Personally I want no part of Nene. Never have never really will. He's talented he has abilities, but that's not a guy I really want. Particularly because the cap is so messy for Sac. If it wasn't on the other hand, I would totally roll the dice on Nene. Which of course on the flip side make me wonder why the Nuggets were trading him.

So I ask you Nuggz fans? Would that deal with Artest for Kleiza, Najera and a future 1st interest you? Or does only dealing Nene (I'm ignoring the tumor issue–that has no bearing on this subject for me) interest you? Or is Artest too much of a loony town for your liking?

Everyone chime in and take part in the poll below.  Should the Nuggets brign in Artest?

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