We have an abbreviated preview today due to the various vagaries of life.

The Nuggets face the dangerous Toronto Raptors tonight in a game that scares me.  Denver has not lost a home game to an inferior team since they dropped a game to Indian on November 27th.  

I am scared for two reasons.  First, as mentioned in my recap of the Memphis game, the Nuggets have already mentally added these three home games in the win column.  Second, Toronto can really shoot.  

Toronto does not have a Tracy McGrady, but they are capable of doing the same thing to the Nuggets as the Rockets did a week and a half ago.  Run down the list of shooters, Bargnani, Calderon, Delfino, Kapono, Nesterovic and Parker can all hit open shots.  They also have athleticism and quickness in Jamario Moon and T.J.Ford.  

These guys can play a style of offense the Nuggets always struggle to defend against.

The good news is Denver has had very good success against Toronto at home with a three game home winning streak currently in place.  

It will be a four game streak after tonight as long as the Nuggets can convince themselves they have not already won yet.