The Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News are reporting that Nene may be able to return as early as tomorrow night against the Mavs.

This would be an amazing turn of events.  Nene traveled with the team on last week's road trip, but there were reports that he felt some discomfort flying and that the effects of the kemo were still present in his body.  If he is really able to get back on the court as soon as tomorrow, it would be an amazing feat.

Even if Nene is not able to get in the game tomorrow this is great news as he should be able to return for at least the last couple of weeks and be near full strength by the playoffs.  Nene would provide a huge boost for both moral and on court talent and the likelihood that Denver will make the playoffs, and even be competitive, has just increased.

Even if he cannot play a lick for a week or two I cannot wait to see Nene back on the floor.