Box Score

Frick yeah!  

I try not to just be a cheerleader, but I am proud of this team tonight.  

Kleiza was unbelievable.  Camby was sensational.  Iverson was tremendous and Carter was super.  They ran the entire game and made aggressive passes up the floor continuously that resulted in easy baskets and foul trouble for Utah.  

Considering the circumstances, that was the best game I have seen the Nuggets play in a long time.    

I realize that over an 82 game season you are going to have a few lulls here and there, but there is no reason the Nuggets cannot bring this kind of intensity and focus game after game.  

I really have nothing else to say.  This game was not about X’s and O’s, it was not about stats (although I better mention Kleiza’s career high 41 points and Camby’s career high tying 24 boards and career high tying 11 blocks).  This game was about playing with heart and determination.

I wanted the Nuggets to show me something and they did.

Now I want them to show it to me again, and again and again.

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