Once again we are hearing all the right things from the Nuggets about how they have to focus and play defense, you know, all the same stuff they have been spouting since training camp.

They know how to do an interview and say the right things.  They have proven that.  What they have not proven is that they can play with passion and focus over a full month, or even for a week.

Look at what other teams in the west have done this season.  The Lakers have had a ten game winning streak.  The Spurs have had an 11 game winning streak and a handful of smaller five game winning streaks.  The Hornets have had a nine game winning streak.  Utah has had a ten game winning streak.  Houston is currently on their 18 game winning streak.  Phoenix has had an eight game winning streak.  Dallas has had a seven game winning streak.  Golden State has had a six game winning streak.  

What have the Nuggets done?  The best stretch they have had was a six game winning streak early in the season against opponents from the east.  

Look at the where these teams are in the standings and compare that to their ability to put a prolonged stretch of wins together.  There is almost a direct correlation between the winning streaks and the position a team has in the standings.  To have a significant winning streak a team has to play focused for a prolonged period of time and that is the sign of a good team.  The three teams at the bottom of the playoff chase, Dallas, Golden State and Denver are all teams that have relatively short longest winning streaks.  

Since that early season winning streak, which was the only stretch of more than a couple of games in a row that this team put forth consecutive solid efforts on defense, the Nuggets have not won more than three games in a row at any point in the season.  

We have all beaten this team’s lack of consistency into the ground over the previous weeks and months and this is just another way of proving that they have not shown they have what it takes to go on a streak that they need to go on in order to get into the playoffs.

After they lose tonight in San Antonio the Nuggets will probably go on another three game winning streak with home games against a Bosh-less Toronto Raptor squad, Seattle and Memphis.  They will start feeling pretty good about themselves.  Then they head east on their longest road trip of the season.  

What do you think is going to happen out there?

Probably not a winning streak, that is for sure.  When it comes to streaking the Nuggets have proven to be as inept at is as Frank the Tank.