Here are the latest rumors surrounding the Nuggets:

Ron Artest
There is still potential for a Ron Artest deal although the momentum seems to be lagging.  Ian Thompson at wonders, what is taking so long?  The Nuggets are obviously not going to win a title as currently constructed and thus will be making an early playoff exit with the league’s third highest payroll.  

My opinion is still the Kings need to get whatever they can for Artest and if that is a couple of expiring contracts and a first round pick from Denver they should do it.  The Nuggets should play hardball, but if it looks like the Kings are going to say no unless Kleiza is included (which is what they are saying as of now) then as hard as it is to do, throw him in the deal and pull the trigger.

Mike Miller/Kyle Lowry
Two sites are reporting that Memphis has pulled Mike Miller and Kyle Lowry off the table (ESPN and  That makes sense in a way as there is no real need to dump either one of them.  They can always do a deal around draft day.

Of course, I just heard a rumor on AM 950 The Fan that Miller may be on his way to New Orleans, but with Peja there I am not sure that makes much sense.

Delonte West
Benjamin Hochman in the Denver Post mentions the Nuggets still have the opportunity to trade their first round pick and a player to Seattle for Delonte West.

Zach Randolph is still reporting that Randolph is a real possibility.  Again, I owe Zach a big thank you for helping me to a couple of fantasy basketball titles in the past couple of seasons, but that is the extent I want to have to cheer for him.  

Nene Salary Dump?
Marc Stein at is reporting that New Jersey and Miami may be trying to get Nene from Denver.  The reason to do a deal now is the Nuggets still have no idea if he can play again this season and if they deal him now and cut a little salary it will reduce their tax burden.

The Nene to Miami rumor is for the expiring contract and poor shot selection of Jason Williams.  The New Jersey deal would be for what Bill Simmons would call the poo poo platter also known as various expiring contracts of players we will never hear from again.  Actually Bostjan Nachbar is a similar player to Kleiza without the knack for running the floor.

My concern about doing a deal for Nene is it would put all the Nuggets eggs in the basket of Kenyon Martin.  Without Nene Martin must stay healthy in order for Denver to have any physical presence in the paint.

Stay tuned!  The deadline is at 1:00 PM MST.