As you can all tell, I have not posted any kind of recap on the loss to the Jazz last night.  I was worried that Denver would look at that game as being disposable and apart from showing some heart in their first half comeback, they crumpled like a wrapping paper in the mitts of a greedy toddler in the second half.  The Nuggets still control their own destiny, but with a loss tonight to Houston they will be at the mercy of the result of tomorrow’s Golden State at Phoenix game.

Utah always seems to be able to run their offense and get the shot they want against the Nuggets.  Houston has been the same way this season.  They run their shooters off of screens and eventually (and by eventually I mean after maybe two screens) the Nuggets will lose track of their man resulting in an open jumper hitting the bottom of the net.

Houston is still fighting for home court advantage and could finish as the number one seed in the Western Conference.  They will be looking to notch another big win.  On the flip side, after tonight they play at Utah and a loss in both of those games could cost them home court advantage in the first round.  

Denver is going to have to play with focus and effort if they want to win.  The game at Golden State was a good barometer of how bad this team wants to be in the playoffs.  The game in Utah was a sign of how badly they wanted to be a contender.  Tonight will show us if they will be able to compete in the playoffs at all.  If the Nuggets can pick up the pace, they should be able to control the game, but if they seek to play half court ball with the Rockets, they may be in for a long night.

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