Welcome to Pickaxe and Roll the newest Denver Nuggets blog on the Internet.  I would like to thank those of you who followed me from my old blog, Born a Nuggets Fan and greet the rest of you.  

Being a member of SB Nation we have the opportunity to create an incredibly dynamic Denver Nuggets community that will have something to offer every Nuggets fan.

Here at Pickaxe and Roll you will find the most in depth scouting report on every player on the Nuggets' roster outside the NBA.  

We have created the Pickaxe and Roll Film Room so we can look at specific plays that may have made the difference between a Nuggets win or a Nuggets loss.  We will track what the Nuggets are doing well and what the must improve on.

Also, check out the Game Correspondent Program, which allows anyone who attends a Nuggets game, home or away, to post a summary on what they saw for those of us who could not go to the game.

To top it all off everyone can create their own diaries that allow you to express your thoughts and opinions on any subject you want.  It is your blog-within-the-blog.

This community can be as great as we make it, there is no ceiling so grab your pickaxe and lets get mining for some basketball gold!

For those of you are just now realizing that they missed out on some good blogging so far this season here are a few posts to summarize what we have thought of the Nuggets' season so far.

It seems like Groundhog Day for Nugget fans (preseason report)

How soon can we draw conclusions about the Nuggets this season?

Do the Nuggets pass less than other teams and if so is that good or bad?

Why we believe the Nuggets are heading for another first round exit

Do not fire George Karl, get him fired up

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