I receive an email from a NBA team jobs website announcing various job openings that teams want to have advertised.  

Guess who is hiring?

The Knicks need a new PR Coordinator. I am guessing this is what the listing looks like:

Help Wanted
Can you find the silver lining in any situation?  Have you ever convinced someone that Hitler was just misunderstood or Pol Pot was actually a people person?  We are looking for you!  There are only 30 businesses of our kind in the world and we are the most valuable out of all of them (for now at least).  Based out of New York we are seeking an individual with thick skin and good imagination to manage PR department.  Must be willing to work in a hostile environment complete with name calling and unwanted sexual advances.  Think you are right for the job?  Our management team, whose incompetence is only exceeded by their arrogance, would love to hear from you.  No previous PR experience necessary, but candidates with experience in urban defense tactics or mob dispersal in case of dissatisfied customer uprising will be strongly considered.

Any takers out there?

Click here for the actual announcement.