The Winner of the 4th giveaway  is: Reader 5280, Colorado.

I'd like to thank everyone who wrote in and I'd especially like to thank the guys at DeRailed Ink for making this possible. I'll be keeping everyone updated on DeRailed Ink's latest t-shirt designs. Perhaps we'll see some great stuff for the 2009-10 season!

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Visit DeRailed Ink by clicking here. For any women looking to buy a shirt … Rob tells me that the small size will work very well (I saw the women at Illegal Pete's decked out in DeRailed Ink gear and the shirts looked great.)


Image courtesy of DeRailed Ink

The Question: How many multiple-block games did Chris "Birdman" Andersen accumulate in the 2009 post-season? (Hint: There were 16 total post-season games for the Nuggets)

Answer: Birdman had 9 multiple block games in the post-season.