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Visit DeRailed Ink by clicking here. For any women looking to buy a shirt … Rob tells me that the small size will work very well (I saw the women at Illegal Pete's decked out in DeRailed Ink gear and the shirts looked great.)


We will now be giving away an XL J.R. Swish shirt … personally my favorite one.



Let's get to some not so well know facts about J.R. … His full name is Earl J. Smith. He was a three-sport athlete in high school (football, baseball, and basketball). His favorite food is Baked Ziti … that stuff is delicious by the way. His favorite movie is "Love & Basketball."

Swish has funded two adult litercy scholarships through the Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO.) J.R. also started the J.R. Smith Foundation, which helps kids get accepted into St. Benedict's Prep and purchased tickets to every home game for underprivileged families last season. Info from the Denver Nuggets Media Guide.


The question:

Since J.R. Smith is known as the "one-man (scoring) run" …

I want to know – Who do you think will score the first three-pointer for the Denver Nuggets tonight in Game 6?**

**The three-point basket can come the new way (from beyond the three-point line) or the traditional way (an And-1 make and foul (with the made free throw)).

Best of luck …