First of all, let's get this out of the way.  The Nuggets are a bad, bad road team.  Only a year removed from posting the only above .500 road record in franchise history at 22-19 the Nuggets are sitting at 12-18.  12-18 is the ninth best road record in the conference which is fitting as the Nuggets are looking more and more like the ninth best team in the conference.

Tonight’s game is at San Antonio where the Spurs are 26-5 at home.  This is one of those swing games that may very well make the difference between playing beyond the end of the regular season or not.  The Nuggets are going to have to win every game they are supposed to, and a few games they are not supposed to, in order to sneak into the postseason.

To make things worse, the Spurs are going to be mad.  They were somewhat embarrassed by the Nuggets the Friday night in Denver and are coming off of a loss in Phoenix yesterday.  We all know what a big game this is for the Nuggets, but it is a big game for San Antonio too.  After tonight they go on a three game road trip that will take them to New Orleans, Detroit and Philly.  They are riding a two game losing streak for the sixth time this season, but they only have one three game losing streak.  

San Antonio is going to come out and play very well.  Guaranteed.

The Nuggets are coming off the most embarrassing loss of the season in Utah and any mojo they had built up from their wins over Phoenix and San Antonio was quickly demolished in a wave of dunks and Mehmet Okur three pointers.

Denver has only won two of their last seven meaningful games in San Antonio heading back to 2005-2006 and including last season’s playoffs.

The odds are stacked against them tonight and they have another opportunity to make a statement.  Let's hope that statement is nothing like the one they made Saturday night in Utah.

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