The Nuggets are rumored to be involved in discussions with Memphis with the intention of acquiring Damon Stoudamire.  Let’s see how many former Grizzlies point guards we can acquire.  Can someone get me Lee Mayberry’s agent’s number?

I see no way that the Nuggets would end up acquiring Damon in a trade due to his $4.5 million salary.  The only deal that makes sense for the Nuggets would be to trade Steven Hunter and Von Wafer or Kuba Diawara.  Unfortunately for Denver Hunter’s contract expires a year after Stoudamire’s so I cannot imagine Memphis taking on additional salary when they would be content to just buy Damon out.

Even if Stoudamire is bought out I see little chance of the Nuggets acquiring him as a free agent.  The other teams who are reportedly interested in him are Boston and Phoenix.  Do you think there is any chance that he chooses to sign with Denver over Boston and Phoenix?  Would you?

Even so, it is fun to talk about trades, and if you guys can come up with anything that might make sense for both teams post your ideas in the comments.  

Use the ESPN Trade Machine to make sure that your deals are feasible though.  Don't give me any of that Pau Gasol and Damon Stoudamire for Von Wafer, Steven Hunter and Eduardo Najera nonsense.

You do get extra credit if you work up a deal were Denver gets Bobby Jones back though!