Things I cannot wait for during All-Star Weekend!

  • Byron Scott playing Kobe Bryant all 48 minutes of the All-Star game in the hopes his right pinkie will fall off.
  • Judges fumbling all over themselves to flash their 10’s if Dwight Howard does the Sticker Dunk again.  These judges will not make the same mistake as last year’s judges.
  • The representatives from the WNBA going all out in the celebrity game in an attempt to prove the legitimacy of their league.
  • Watching the Rookie/Sophomore game as the ball never touches the ground between the three point lines.
  • Laughing at Rip Hamilton as he bricks shot after shot in the three point contest.
  • Watching AI blow alley oop pass after alley oop pass in the big game.  He just cannot throw it!
  • Ignoring all of the pregame festivities and half time show.  
  • David West looking completely out of place in a free flowing pick up game style contest.  (Why do coaches and the league not understand that this game is a showcase and putting guys like Wally Szczerbiak, Chris Gatling and David West only takes away from the "quality" of the game?)
  • Getting a sandwich, or other form of nourishment, during the shooting stars "competition."
  • Videos of players fooling around during practice.
  • Watching Chris Paul walk away with the MVP trophy.
  • Charles Barkley and his big mouth.
  • AI Playing less than 42 minutes in a game for once.

Leave your own thoughts for what you are looking forward to in the comments.