Apparently the fire sale has begun in Memphis.  Reports on are claiming the Grizzlies are sending Pau Gasol to the Lakers in exchange for Kwame Brown, Javaris Crittendon and cap filler.  (I guess the Lakers have a one Gasol limit because they are sending the draft rights to Pau’s brother Marc to Memphis as part of the deal.)  The same report states that the long rumored deal of Stromile Swift to New Jersey for Jason Collins will be completed as well.

Now this is pure wishful thinking on my part, not based on published reports of negotiations, but if the Grizzlies are in a giving mood I want the Nuggets to get a piece of that action.  In the wake of yesterday’s Artest rumors I started looking around the league for similarly priced players who could help the Nuggets and the best option I found was Mike Miller who happens to play for Memphis.

Miller is a supremely talented shooter, but is also a pretty complete player.  He can penetrate, pass and rebound.  He is a little weak on defense, but he would be a much lower risk addition than Artest and would be easier to insert into the rotation.  

In order to land Miller I would offer Najera, J.R. Smith and a pick.  If Memphis rejects that I would throw in Kleiza and Wafer in place of J.R.  

From a financial standpoint the Nuggets would be adding a little salary for this season, and a lot of salary over the next two seasons.  However, if AI opts out as he said he would and the Nuggets resign him for a reasonable amount they could still have a lower payroll next season.

How about your thoughts on one of those deals?  Should the Nuggets trade for Mike Miller?

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