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Brady Klopfer on the strengths and weaknesses of the Golden State Warriors | Pickaxe and Roll

Ryan and Brady ask big questions about the Golden State Warriors and Denver Nuggets before sharing their bold predictions for the series.

Ryan Blackburn brings on Brady Klopfer of Golden State of Mind to break down the Golden State Warriors. What the biggest strengths and weaknesses of the Warriors are, how they will handle the Nikola Jokić matchup, the actual health of Stephen Curry, and much more. They also discuss the Nuggets and their rotation before making bold predictions on the series and picking a winner.

Come to Blake Street Tavern to watch Game 1 of the playoff series between the Denver Nuggets and Golden State Warriors. Enjoy a night of local sports, food, drinks and giveaways! Between the Nuggets, Avalanche and Rockies there will be no shortage of action.