Vince Williams is a wing from VCU who has entered the 2022 NBA Draft after his senior season at VCU. He was not a 5 star recruit, and was a bit under the radar coming out of high school. Despite that, throughout his 4 seasons at VCU, he grew into a NBA prospect and someone who made two All Atlantic-10 conference teams. This season specifically he showed more on the ball skill than he had in seasons past. He grew into himself, and thrived in an expanded role after Nuggets’ Bones Hyland left VCU for the 2021 NBA Draft.

Vince Williams Jr, Wing, Virginia Commonwealth (VCU)


Height: 6’5.5”

Wingspan: 7’0”

Weight: 202.6 lbs

Age: 21 (8/30/2000)

Career Per Game Statistics

<b>2018-19</b> VCU A-10 33 0 15.5 1.5 3.3 0.459 1.3 2.5 0.524 0.2 0.8 0.24 1.7 2.4 0.688 1 2.3 3.3 1 1 0.4 1.5 2 4.9
<b>2019-20</b> VCU A-10 21 3 16.4 1.3 3.8 0.342 1 2.3 0.429 0.3 1.4 0.2 1.4 1.7 0.806 0.9 1.9 2.8 1 1 0.4 1.3 2.1 4.2
<b>2020-21</b> VCU A-10 26 22 28.6 3.2 7.8 0.414 1.6 3.8 0.414 1.7 4 0.413 2.5 3.2 0.793 1.1 4.1 5.2 2.2 1 0.2 1.8 2.2 10.6
<b>2021-22</b> VCU A-10 30 29 32.4 4.6 9.6 0.477 2.4 4 0.605 2.2 5.6 0.387 2.8 3.4 0.814 0.9 5.1 6 3 1.6 1.1 2.9 2.9 14.1


3 Point Shooting

Vince Williams started his college career as a near non-shooter, but during his junior season he took a leap to become a good shooter. Over his last two seasons at VCU, he shot 39.7% from the 3 point line on 4.9 attempts per game. He is very confident in his shot, especially off the catch. He shot 36% off catch and shoot jump shots this past season, and 42.1% on unguarded catch and shoot jumpers. Those percentages don’t do his shot justice though, and given easier shots with a lesser role — he should be a knockdown shooter at the next level.

His off-ball movement and shot relocation is also excellent as well. He is a smart mover when he doesn’t have the ball in his hands — often getting loose and getting open shots for himself, or forcing the defense to close out on him. It creates advantages for the offense regardless, and that’s one thing he’s great at. He gets shoe-horned into being a 3 and D prospect (which he fills the role of fine), but his true value comes in his advantage creation.


Vince Williams had a lot more playmaking responsibility this season than he did in his prior seasons. He doesn’t create advantages for his teammates in the typical sort of way. He’s not the most explosive athlete, nor does he have the deepest bag. What he does have, however, is a crafty way of manipulating defenses through head fakes and general great feel for the game. He knows what the defense will look for, so he throws a pass in one direction while he looks the other. He also tends to make the extra pass almost always. He does whatever he can to create the best looks for his teammates.

That being said, I don’t think he will be a primary ball handler at the NBA level by any means. Typically you do need more than just craft to be that at the next level. Take Darius Garland or Ja Morant for example — both explosive or shifty athletes that use that and craft to create opportunities for others. Vince Williams just doesn’t have the athleticism to do that, nor the handle needed to create through that route. However, he will be someone with upside to be a secondary ball handler with the ability to create for others if he goes to the right situation.

Off-Ball Defense

Vince Williams employs his 7 foot wingspan and quick hands to be a disruptive off-ball defender. He has a great feel for when to help, and when not to. The steal and block rates he put up were numbers that NBA players like Matisse Thybulle, Draymond Green, and Danny Green put up in their respective college careers. He is able to provide steals out of pick and roll coverage too. He is able to create turnovers like few others have, and is someone who will be able to be a positive impact defensively right away.

Improvement Areas

Not An Elite Athlete

Vince Williams, while not a bad athlete, is not a good one either. For the role that you would want him to fill, that is a hole in his game. He doesn’t have a good first step on offense, which limits his shot creation upside. He has some concerns with his strength on bigger defenders, so his post defense is not the best. It is something to keep an eye on, but isn’t the biggest issue.

On-Ball Defense

For all the good things I can say about his off-ball defense, there are some concerns about being able to contain faster players on the perimeter. He’s able to keep most shooting guards and forwards in front of him, but with point guards there may be an issue with him being able to move and keep up with them. It happened a few times watching his games where he was blown by relatively easily by quick guards attacking his hip.

Expected Outcome

Projected Draft Range: 2nd Round

Denver Stiffs Big Board: 25th overall


Vince Williams is someone who will definitely be available at the Nuggets pick, and probably for some time after. I think that the Nuggets could get away with trading back and picking him if he is indeed who they decide to go with. He’s someone that will be a good defender, but has his physical limitations on that end. His role should be someone who gets to help off guys, and free safety in a way. He’s not going to be an elite on-ball defender, but should be a fine on-ball defender at his position.

As far as the other end of the court, he is someone who can fit in with Jokic and what the Nuggets have going on immediately. With his 3 point shooting and off-ball movement, he can be someone who provides spacing and smart play. In the future, he can grow into someone who the Nuggets could utilize as a secondary ball handler, due to his passing vision and advantage creation. I think he should be someone the Nuggets target, even if it’s trading into the 2nd round, or signing him as a undrafted free agent.