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Join Blackburn and Ewing on the Locker Room app during Monday’s Nuggets-Warriors game

Download the Locker Room app today!

Golden State Warriors v Denver Nuggets Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

Tonight, the Denver Stiffs staff is experimenting with a new idea to interact with the Stiffs while watching the game together.

During the Denver Nuggets game against the Golden State Warriors tonight on TNT, Stiffs writers Ryan Blackburn and Brandon Ewing are hosting a Watch Party on the Locker Room app. This will take place at around 10:00 PM as the fourth quarter begins and will extend 10 to 15 minutes after the game, a real-time opportunity for writers and fans of the Nuggets to react to a national television game at the same time.

Download the Locker Room app to participate in this Nuggets-Warriors watch party!

With sports media continuously changing and evolving to find a unique ways to interact with the audience, this is one way that Denver Stiffs wants to try. While podcasting is an interesting and valuable medium, it often involves an independent recording session long after games. Locker Room chats give writers and listeners an opportunity to share their thoughts on the game and the Nuggets in real-time.

If you’re interested in hanging out with Brandon and I, download the Locker Room app now and follow us on there! We’re excited to react to the game, answer questions, and have a conversation about the Nuggets.

Locker Room - Apple App Store Preview