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Fake Trades and Pandemic Exhaustion with Zach Mikash

Ryan and former Deputy Site Manager Zach Mikash chat for awhile about rounding the corner of the pandemic, fake trades, and more.

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Ryan Blackburn is joined by Stiff Emeritus Zach Mikash to break down the journey the Denver Nuggets have sustained ever since The Bubble. They talk about the long road COVID-19 has put the NBA world through; Pandemic Exhaustion is a real thing, and it might be why the Nuggets struggled to begin the season.

Then, they pivot to the Nuggets and how much confidence the recent stretch has given Ryan and Zach in Denver’s playoff future. They talk about which players the Nuggets can trust in the playoffs. Finally, Ryan shares several fake trade ideas (~53:00) to fill in the gaps on Denver’s roster in the short and long term, including one that sends Zach into a four-minute rant. Among the names discussed: Aaron Gordon, Lonzo Ball, Kyle Lowry, and more.