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Jamal Murray dropped 50 points like it was no big deal | The Denver Stiffs Show

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Ryan and Jena Garcia discuss Jamal Murray’s big night, a good performance from Michael Porter Jr., and some big picture thoughts

Host Ryan Blackburn brings on Jena Garcia, social media director of Denver Stiffs and host of multiple Denver Nuggets podcasts, to talk about an incredible Jamal Murray performance against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

  • What was the most impressive aspect of the 50 points?
  • Was this more or less impressive than what “Bubble Jamal” could do?
  • Is Jamal Murray fully back? Did he ever leave?

Then, Ryan and Jena spend some time discussing other parts of the game, from Nikola Jokić’s birthday performance, to a solid Michael Porter Jr. game overall, to some general thoughts about the Nuggets in the short and long term.

  • What should Denver’s goal be this season?
  • Has Porter shown enough to earn confidence?
  • How hard should the Nuggets push for wins given the condensed season?