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A disappointing loss to the Mavericks drops the Nuggets to 3-5 | Nuggets Numbers

Ryan breaks down Denver’s loss on Thursday night, the biggest concerns, and what MPJ’s extended absence means for the rotation

Host Ryan Blackburn breaks down the Denver Nuggets losing to the Dallas Mavericks in overtime after Nikola Jokić hits a game-tying buzzer beater to get Denver there. He discusses:

  • Jokić attempts 31 shots, garners just four assists
  • Luka Doncic was excellent, and the Nuggets had nobody to stop him
  • Is Denver’s defense just plain bad? Is there more behind the struggles to begin the year?

Ryan also discusses the extended absence of Michael Porter Jr., according to The Athletic, that will prolong Porter’s return to action for at least another 10 days.