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Basketball is back! Bol Bol’s debut was insanity | The Denver Stiffs Show

Ryan, Jena, and Gordon break down a wild scrimmage debut from Bol Bol and the rest of the tall Denver Nuggets

Host Ryan Blackburn is joined by Denver Stiffs social media director Jena Garcia and senior writer Gordon Gross to discuss Bol Bol at length.

  • The surprise factor for how good he was
  • The single best Bol Bol moment
  • Confidence level in Bol Bol in both the present and future
  • His best role with the Nuggets in future seasons

After that, Ryan and Gordon continue on discussing other scrimmage stories and news.

  • Standout performance from Troy Daniels
  • Point Jokic
  • Gary Harris and Torrey Craig sighting
  • When will MPJ arrive?
  • A game of “Bol Bol and MPJ OR _____”