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The Nuggets select Zeke Nnaji and RJ Hampton in the NBA Draft | The Denver Stiffs Show

Ryan, Zach, and Gordon break down an eventful draft night for the Denver Nuggets and what their two draft selections mean going forward

Host Ryan Blackburn brings on Zach Mikash and Gordon Gross of Denver Stiffs to discuss the events of the 2020 NBA Draft.

  • What does Arizona big man Zeke Nnaji bring to the Denver Nuggets?
  • What does USA’er playing in Australia RJ Hampton bring to the Denver Nuggets?
  • A surprise addition of Marquette’s Markus Howard to a two-way contract
  • Did the Nuggets do the right thing drafting two first rounders?
  • What this means for 2020 free agency and the future of the Nuggets organization