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Live reaction to Jrue Holiday trade, plus thoughts on Harden, CP3, and the Nuggets | Nuggets Numbers

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Ryan and Jeff Morton discuss the ramifications of the Jrue Holiday trade, other trades, and where the Nuggets stand

Host Ryan Blackburn and Jeff Morton of Mile High Sports (King of Thornton) react live to Jrue Holiday being traded to the Milwaukee Bucks as well as other major pieces of free agency. They discuss:

  • Milwaukee goes all in, New Orleans gets a treasure trove of assets
  • Where do the Denver Nuggets stand now that Holiday is off the market?
  • Chris Paul traded to Phoenix, Robert Covington traded to Portland
  • Where does James Harden go? Would the Nuggets trade Jamal Murray or Michael Porter Jr. for Harden?
  • What challenges do the Nuggets face in the coming free agency period?