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Gigantic Offseason Primer with T.J. McBride | The Denver Stiffs Show

Part I of a conversation between Ryan Blackburn and T.J. McBride about the 2020 Denver Nuggets offseason

In this episode, Host Ryan Blackburn brings on T.J. McBride of Mile High Sports to discuss the most important offseason topics for the Denver Nuggets this year:

  • Will Nuggets ownership be willing to dip into the luxury tax and pay for championship contention?
  • Will Jerami Grant and the Nuggets agree to a new contract?
  • What does it cost to acquire a major upgrade on the trade market?
  • How will the Nuggets find sustainable defense going forward?
  • Can the Nuggets maintain team chemistry while also finding ways to make the team better?

Part 2 of our discussion can be found with T.J. at Rocky Mountain Hoops.