There haven’t been a ton of posts on Denver Stiffs over the weekend, and for good reason. Our writers are taking a well deserved break before gearing up for the final stretch of the regular season and (hopefully) a deep postseason run. The Denver Nuggets have earned their break as well, with all but one player taking a vacation from basketball.

Nikola Jokic is the only exception. As Denver’s sole liaison for NBA All-Star weekend festivities, he has a lot of attention focused on him right now, which manifests itself in responsibility. It’s Jokic’s responsibility to put on a good show and good name for the Denver Nuggets. This is where all of the player tampering takes place after all.

Tonight, Jokic will suit up for the 2020 NBA All-Star game for Team LeBron. Joined by superstars from both the Eastern and Western Conferences, Jokic is sure to make them laugh, have a good time, and be on the receiving end of some spectacular passes. We will all be watching, hoping for some signature Joker moments ourselves.

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