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Locked on Nuggets: Ryan Blackburn and Adam Mares on the past, present, and future of Denver Stiffs

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Plus, lots of talk about Nikola Jokic

Denver Nuggets versus the Portland Trail Blazers Photo By John Leyba/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Today was my last day at Denver Stiffs. I say farewell to an era and welcome in Ryan Blackburn as he takes on the role of site manager. The two of us talk about our time at Stiffs, FIBA, Jokic, and the upcoming Nuggets season. Thank you to everyone who supported our site over the last 4 years. It was an incredible run and something I won’t soon forget.

Next week, TJ McBride will be taking over the Locked on Nuggets podcast while I am on vacation in Italy. Give him a follow.