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The Dig: Bringing it Back | What to Make of the Denver Nuggets Offseason?

Did the Nuggets Miss Opportunities for Improvement?

Denver Nuggets Podcast - The Dig

The Dig is a Denver Nuggets podcast by Nick Hertzog and Jeremy Poley that tries to put its fingers on the pulse of the most dominant Denver Nuggets narrative over every 2-week period. After claiming the NBA podcast championship throne, The Dig did what every champion does and moved to LA where its socially acceptable to talk about yourself in every sentence.


The death of the Warriors has led to the re-birth of the NBA through Free Agency ‘19. A $30m option for Paul Millsap has had a lot of fans thinking about all of the ways we could use that money. And virtually no one was correct. That money was given back to Millsap. Jamal Murray was early-extended for the max. Even Trey Lyles got a qualifying offer thrown his way. I was merely parked across from the Pepsi Center and now I’ll be competing with Barton for a starting spot. Chances I’ll actually make it? Real goooood.

This week’s theme is: Bringing it Back

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  • Quick recap on the big names
  • Are the Warriors done and would that mean the West is open?


BRINGING IT BACK. Summing up the Nuggets moves and what it means for the Nuggets to be the only playoff team in the West that’s just “bringing it back”.


  • Bringing Millsap back for $30mil is _____________________.
  • Jamal Murray’s $170m extension is ____________________.
  • The best FA fit still available for the Nuggets is _________________.
  • The Nuggets are going to need MPJ to be ______________ next year.


  • Is the Nuggets core with the addition of Michael Porter Jr. & Jarred Vanderbilt a championship contender?
  • Will the Nuggets be better/worse/the same as last year by bringing back a young team with several years of trending up and three new pieces in MPJ, Vanderbilt & Bol Bol?
  • Is the future on Jamal Murray’s back?
  • What do the Nuggets need to achieve next year to make the season a success?