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Nuggets Numbers - Paul Millsap has been a star Post All-Star Break

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Details from Denver’s four game winning streak, a player breakdown, and what the top seed would mean for the Nuggets

Welcome back to Nuggets Numbers, part of the Denver Stiffs Podcast Network. In a solo episode, I wanted to delve into the positivity of the four game winning streak over the last week. There were some excellent performances from each player in the rotation, and Denver was able to win these games in different ways each time.

Next, Denver’s second most impactful player after the All-Star break has clearly been Paul Millsap. With his defensive versatility, efficient scoring, and rebounding numbers, Millsap is looking like the exact player Denver needs next to Nikola Jokic if they are to make a playoff run.

Finally, I broke down what each playoff seed means for the Nuggets. Starting from the least likely in earning the 1st seed, and finishing on the nightmare scenario of dropping to the 4th seed. All options are still in play.


3:30 - Details on the four game winning streak

14:15 - Paul Millsap breakdown

22:05 - What the playoff seeding means for Denver