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Pickaxe Podcast: Denver Nuggets blowout Los Angeles Lakers and prepare for Phoenix Suns

Gordon and Dan have instant reactions to the Lakers game

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Denver Nuggets back to streaking

  • Perfect week before the outcome of the Nuggets game is determined - better execution by Denver or just home cooking against lesser opponents?
  • Comeback against Orlando Magic a good sign or concerning they had to go on a 24-0 run to pull it out?
  • How much will Denver’s home court feature in their postseason positioning, considering they don’t play to the altitude as much as in years past?
  • Los Angeles Lakers thoughts (though it’s hard to take too much from it with LeBron James out)

Previewing the upcoming week

  • Can Denver get up for playing at the Phoenix Suns on Monday after this LA game?
  • Home vs. New Orleans Pelicans on Christmas - good to have a national Christmas game or bad to have so many games this week?
  • Saturday vs. Memphis Grizzlies or the SEGABABA vs Sacramento Kings, both in Denver - which concerns you more?
  • Prediction of record this week?