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Nuggets Numbers - The Quarterly Report, plus Q&A

Breaking down every rotation player’s performance at the quarter mark of the season

The season is long, arduous, and ever changing. At 14-7, it feels like the Denver Nuggets have endured a roller coaster ride of a season, with high points featuring Nikola Jokic game winners, and low points featuring a broken offensive system. At various points, the Nuggets have thrived. For now, they are in a low point.

21 games feels ripe for establishing an initial look at Denver’s roster, from Michael Porter Jr.’s brief stints to Jamal Murray’s heavy burden. I looked at the 12 players to amass greater than 100 minutes played and evaluated them on a 100 scale.

But before that, I answered some Twitter questions from Stiffs readers, mostly centered around Nikola Jokic but also some questions about lineups, three-point shooting, and more.