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The Denver Stiffs Show - Jamal Murray is cold-blooded, Defense is stout, Nuggets win

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Jena, Brandon, and Ryan discuss the Boston Celtics win, how to handle MPJ going forward, and Jamal Murray’s All-Star campaign

It wasn’t pretty, and it came down to the wire, but the Denver Nuggets brought it once again while facing the Boston Celtics on Friday night. Jena, Brandon, and Ryan break down the 96-92 victory along with all of the major talking points:

  • A clutch Jamal Murray performance and his All-Star campaign
  • Paul Millsap’s importance to this team
  • The starters finding their groove
  • The bench...not finding much of anything
  • How to handle Michael Porter Jr.’s situation going forward

And much more! From the player of the week, to Denver’s sturdy defense, to if the Nuggets are championship contenders.


(P.S. Apologies for the echo)