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Nuggets new “City” jerseys are here with an updated skyline design

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The Denver Nuggets are taking a new approach to their “rainbow skyline” look for the 2019-20 season.

The Denver Nuggets and the rainbow skyline go together like peanut butter and jelly. There have been some really cool designs over the years and a fresh one will be hitting the court soon.

Denver announced their “city” edition jerseys for this season Tuesday evening as the black rainbow skyline design has arrived. The hashtag #RiseOfTheRainbow

The Nuggets will be sporting their new skyline jerseys for the very first time on December 3rd against the Los Angeles Lakers.

What do you think Nuggets fans? Do you like the new skyline design?

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    A - These are sick and I’m definitely getting one!
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    B - These are good. Will be fun to watch!
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  • 7%
    C - These are fine.
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  • 3%
    D - I don’t like it and was expecting something more.
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    F - Not a fan. At all.
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