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Watch: Jerami Grant scores 22 efficient points in Nuggets win over Phoenix Suns

It’s clear Jerami Grant fits the Denver Nuggets system like a glove

NBA: Preseason-Denver Nuggets at Phoenix Suns Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

There was no question in my mind that Jerami Grant would be as impactful of a player as he has been thus far, but to act like he would be this good for the Denver Nuggets this soon? I would be lying.

Last night, Grant started in place of Paul Millsap against the Phoenix Suns, who were without power forward Dario Saric themselves. That may have contributed to Grant’s great night, but it doesn’t negate the fact that Grant scored 22 points on just eight field goal attempts, showcasing the athleticism, versatility, and an improved jump shot.

The Nuggets utilized Grant, doing a great impression of a skilled 6’9 pogo stick with a jump shot, in a variety of ways tonight. He often brought the ball up in transition and created some shots for himself by hustling down the floor whether he had the ball or not. In the half court, he was on the receiving end of some great passes from Torrey Craig to find him in the middle of the paint for easy dunks or free throws. To cap it off, he hit two three-pointers off kick outs from the flow of Denver’s offense and even hit a baseline jumper off the dribble, showcasing his versatile skill set once again.

Nuggets fans are going to be really happy to have Jerami Grant on the team this year. He fills in so many of the gaps with his height, athleticism, and mentality. Last night’s game was another great example.